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Performance - Safety - Manoeuvrability

Paramania is proud to present our new tandem wing: TAXI
This wing is the result of extensive testing through a Research & Development programme.

For example the TAXI  wing was successfully used by the Skycar project, travelling from London to Tombouctou (

Specifically developed for tandem use, the TAXI is able to carry a very high payload of up to 350 kg. For specific cases, with some minor modifications, the payload can be extended up to 600 kg.

Based on the famous Action GT, it has the same REFLEX profile originally developed by Mike Campbell Jones.

It gives very high stability and high speed (from 24 to 80 km/h)

The Taxi is very easy to steer with low or high hang-points. There is no roll effect even with a high payload. Inflating is incredibly easy...

Test it - you’ll love it!

Composite Leading Edge (C.L.E)

The new composite leading edge (CLE) and the latest MCJ reflex profile, make launching almost too easy!

Our specifically designed leading edge composite has the unique property of being ridged in one direction only and flexible in others. It gives the TAXI a very clean leading edge, so improves performances, strength and launching whilst reducing the overall weight.







Taxi Size (m2)
PPG Weight Range  
160 - 350
PG Weight Range  
Trim Slow speed (km/h)  
Trim Fast speed (km/h)  
Max speed (km/h)*  
min = 1.1 trim off = 1.4 to 1.8 Max Speedbar = 3
DMSV In progress   -  

Note - Performance figures may vary depending on pilot/motor weight and drag.
Note - DMSV certification will be certified to maximum PPG weight range


Beginner 0% Not Recommended
Occasional pilot 50%
Exp. regular pilot 100%
Cross Country pilot 100%
Trike (PL1)
Well adapted for all trikes  


Hints and tips :

Use the speed bar with the reflex:

Paramania Trimmer information video :