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Sigma 8

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Sigma 8Sigma 8

Outstanding characteristics

Uncompromising 3-Liner
The SIGMA 8 is a true three liner with much less drag and the best possible compromise of performance/handling and aspect ratio. The noticeable balanced pitching quality allows the glider to operate at a glide ratio of 10 and a top speed of 55 km/h even in turbulent air. The reduction to 3 line levels also means that the SIGMA 8 can be more easily and efficiently accelerated.

High fun factor
The origin of the lively-sporty handling lies in ideal lift distribution combined with the specially selected new profile. This also makes the SIGMA 8 behave more quietly in pitch and roll as well as providing nicer turning and improved circling. The result is more direct and precise manoeuvering in all dimensions.

New technology inside
The inside of the SIGMA 8 is evolutionary: an analysis of the structure with a focus on weight reduction and the inclusion of the latest technology such as Nylon wires make the SIGMA 8 to one of the lightest of its class. The end result is knock-on benefits - less canopy inertia, therefore even better pitch control and ultimately more passive safety.


The SIGMA 8 has been awarded LTF and EN for all sizes in both unaccelerated and accelerated flight.


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