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Axis 5

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Axis 5Axis 5

AXIS 5 – top of its class!

It's easy to get underway - with the AXIS 5

Your first flight: the feeling of suspense before you launch, looking straight ahead, full of expectation. Then you begin to run, hearing the rustle of the glider and feeling the resistance from the wind, the glider rises, you pull down on the brakes, one more step and then... a feeling of weightlessness – you're flying! The adrenaline is racing through your body as you gently glide away. Nobody ever forgets their first flight: the moment when you take off, the butterflies in your stomach, the feeling of overcoming gravity and floating through the air like a bird.

You will always remember your first flight – with the AXIS 5

Pure flying enjoyment, from the very first moment – that's what the AXIS 5 offers. For beginners, flying enjoyment means an easy launch, simple handling, a good glide and maximum passive safety. It's a bonus that there's a good amount of sportiness there as well. It may have forgiving characteristics, but the AXIS 5 is much more than a pure beginner glider with EN-A classification. Even pilots who have finished their training who would like to fly cross-country with a maximum of passive safety will really enjoy flying the AXIS 5.

A closer look

The AXIS 5 offers a whole range of important innovations, such as:

  1. the canopy rises even better when inflating
  2. higher trim and max speed
  3. higher canopy stability over the whole speed range Geschwindigkeitsbereich
  4. better glide
  5. it is even more well-balanced
  6. smaller pack size
  7. better agility at the same damping around the roll and pitch axes
  8. use of flex sticks to give better strength of form in the leading edge area.  

AXIS 5 – pleasing to the eye as well

A glider that flies well should look good too. It goes without saying that the Axis 5 comes in Swing's latest appealing design and with fresh colour combinations. It is the perfect addition to Swing's product range with its sporty and up-to-date character.


Here you can read a good article about the Axis 5 in Cross Country Magazine


The AXIS 5 – top of its class!


Colours available
Swing Axis color sahara
Swing Axis color valley
Swing Axis color Firework
 Special colours  - has to be ordered
Swing Axis color Space
Swing axis color Magic


Special color design tool
Swing Paraglider color design tool

Axis 5 22 24 26 28 30

LTF homologation


CEN homologation

Take off weight (kg) min./max. inkl. Equipment 65 - 85 75 - 100 85 - 110 105 - 130 115 - 140


37 37 37 37 37

Wing area (m²)

26 28 30 32 34

Wing area projected (m²)

22 23,75 25,45 27,14 28,84

Wing span (m)

11,57 12,01 12,43 12,84 13,23

Projected wing span (m)

9,04 9,38 9,71 10,03 10,34

Aspect ratio

5,15 5,15 5,15 5,15 5,15

Projected aspect ratio

3,71 3,71 3,71 3,71 3,71

Canopy weight (kg)

5,6 5,8 6,15 6,6 6,95

Min. sink rate (m/s)

1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1

Max speed (km/h)

47 47 47 47 47

Trim speed (km/h)

38 38 38 38 38

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